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Oat Bran Tablets (365 Tablets x 1,000 MG per Tablets)

Oat Bran Tablets (365 Tablets x 1,000 MG per Tablets)

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  • āœ”ļøšŸŒ¾ HIGH POTENCY OAT BRAN FIBER Formula | 1,000 MG (1 Gram) Per Tablet | 365 Tablets
  • āœ”ļøšŸŒ¾ IMPROVED OAT BRAN TABLETS WITH NO CRUMBLING OR BREAKING - We Heard Your Feedback, and Have Enhanced the Coating to Make the Tablets More Durable During Transport, so That They Do Not Break & Crumble.
  • āœ”ļøšŸŒ¾ Excellent Source of Soluble, Dietary, & Digestive Oat Fiber
  • āœ”ļøšŸŒ¾ Supports Digestive Health*
  • āœ”ļøšŸŒ¾ High in Antioxidants

Details: What is Oat Bran? Oat Bran is the outer layer of the oat grain. You may often find oat bran in cereals and various oatmeals. Oat bran is high in fiber, particularly soluble fiber which dissolved in fluids and is easily digestible. Therefore, oat bran tablets are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of digestive fiber! Furthermore, oat bran contains beta-glucan which is a form of soluble dietary fiber which may provide many health benefits. Oat bran is also rich in B vitamins and antioxidants. What are some of the potential health benefits of Oat Bran, beta-glucans, and digestive soluble fiber? Oat Bran has a proven history as a trusted, functional food ingredient that supports health and wellness. Oat Bran tablets are heart healthy and support lasting energy. Oat fiber helps keep you feeling full to help support appetite control. It keeps you feeling fuller longer after meals. Oat bran and soluble fiber may lower fat absorption and may help with weight management. Dietary fiber may support gut health Soluble fibers are also known to help balance cholesterol levels in blood. Additional Information High Potency Formula: Each oat bran tablet contains 1,000 MG, or one full gram of oat bran per tablet Two Bottles for the Price of One! 500 Tablets in Total! This product contains two bottles, each containing 250 tablets. Ease of Use: TNVitamins Oat Bran can be taken at any time of the day and need no preparation is needed. TNVitamins Oat Bran tablets contain NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial flavors and are NON-GMO.

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